Port of Another World game engine & assets to PICO8.


  •  arrows: direction (+up: jump, +down: crouch) 
  •  x/c/action button (gamepad): run, fire...
  •  enter code (pause menu): jump to game section using save codes

Pico8 Devkit Instructions

  • open Pico8 folder ("folder" command from Pico8 console prompt)
  • create aw folder (or any other name you choose)
  • download zip & extract to pico8 "carts/aw" folder
  • from pico8 console:
cd aw
load aw.p8

Change Log

Version 1.5:

Brower play supported!!

Using Javascript Proxy object to listen to GPIO array changes, offers a neat way to instantly react to changes from PICO.

A basic request/response protocol allows the game to request a file, that gets "streaming" over GPIO memory.

Version 1.4:

  • fixed audio playback (thanks @luchak!!)
  • fixed action button (x+c now supported)

Version 1.3:

  • fixed background images loading

Version 1.2:

  • added: PCM music support

Version 1.1 :

  • using newly discovered PCM feature

Version 1.0:

  • playable end to end
  • known bug: no sound/music
  • known bug: some levels are difficult due to resolution/limited palette
  • known bug: enter code screen not legible


Original game: Eric Chahi

C engine: Fabien Sanglard (project could not have been done without https://fabiensanglard.net/anotherWorld_code_review/ full write up & github sources!)

PCM Pico8 "secret" feature: Carl Chimes

RubyRed for the native SFX & music tentative! Thanks

@Luchak for signed PCM fix! Thanks

Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(18 total ratings)
Made withPICO-8
Tags2D, PICO-8, Pixel Art


aw_1.4.zip 1 MB


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Love the low fidelity audio. Super reminiscent of a gba title, awesome work.

thanks - audio is *really* stretching platform limits but ended up ok

Would it be possible to get a compiled/exe version for those of us who are Pico illiterate?

not possible - Pico8 can only produce executables for games with less than 15 data files, this game has 80…


I posted a full playthrough:

This is an amazing achievement. I think the changes to the video and especially the audio work in the game's favor; they create a truly alien experience. This version is more challenging than most ports (partially because laser beams are occasionally invisible), but I also find it to be one of the most interesting.

thanks and sorry to have fixed sound *after* your recoding!

No worries. The updated audio is much closer to the other ports, but I'm keeping both versions. I think the blown out sound really works for it. It's a little like the Apple IIgs version, which has somewhat crispy sound, too.

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for some reason i get stuck on this screen where it states:press z or x to continue. acesess code: ldkd

 i clicked x but, nothing. z just restarts the cutscene before it. i am using pico-8 0.2.3.


(i might just be stupid)

correct - text says x or c but only c is coded!

I'll fix that

oh yay!

has it been fixed yet? I'm getting the same issue

\_( :l )_/

fixed in 1.4

Hey I would like to play this game but I encountered a  runtime error on line 45, tab 1. Any solutions?


One of my favorite games! Matsarub

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Hi! Just following up on the bug report I made on twitter. https://twitter.com/johanneshoff/status/1374069056983154690

I just want to preface this with saying you don't have to help me debug here. You've done an amazing job, and don't owe it to me or anybody to spend more time on it.

The issue happens on this line:

local b0=(self[pc\0x0.0004]>><((pc&0x0.0003)<<19))&0xff

When the bug triggers, 

pc = 0.1506 (or 0x0.2690)
pc\0x0.0004 = 2468
#self = 2467

So it's looking up a value outside of the range, and getting nil in return.

I should say that I'm using ARM, so maybe there's some discrepancy in the math here? (but at least 0x0.2690\0x0.0004 evaluates the same on intel) Edit: Actually, never mind, I get the same error on my intel mac.

I'm having the same problem on my PC  :)

more likely pico doesn’t find the bank_xx.p8 files - config files conflicts probably 

Why is the audio so noisy? I'm gonna guess that you're poking signed samples to the audio buffer stored in general-purpose RAM, but the PCM channel expects unsigned samples.


Great job on this classic!


I still play and finish this game on my Amiga.

This port is FANTASTIC.

The only issue I have is the sound effects, too loud and noisy.

Thank you for this great port.


Thanks - sound is indeed a bit meh, it uses a recent pico8 feature and I should spend some more time adjusting game original waves.


Utterly fantastic, Frederic - you did it again! 🤯👌

Deleted 2 years ago

thanks but I am only the engineer here - the ‘art’ part was done by Eric Chahi!

wait, doesn't PICO-8 export all games to html natively?


Yeah but the export tool only supports up to 16 different carts, and this game is 80+ carts sooo yeah

Yes it's really incredible, thanks a lot for this impressive work

thanks - it turned out ok as port

Amazing. This game was my jam in elementary school. 

Can't believe you pulled this off on pico. Great work

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Y E S ! BRILLIANT! Please post an HTML5 version to play in-browser

this port includes 80+ carts, I don't think that's possible

actually it does 😬