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this is really good reminds me of the 80s arcade

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It seems there's no rating system on this site, but I wold definitely recommend trying this game.

This was kind of cool, though it took soooo long to kill even a single tie fighter, so... maybe consider making them less bullet spongy? I feel like each one took around 5 minutes to take down but I didn't time it.

also the sound was so lound I had to turn my PC down to 7% a mute button is nice but a volume slider would have been better.

Otherwise, really nice aesthetic, smooth motion. Wish I could have seen the trench run.

This is a valid comment - I replayed the game not so long ago and thought about the same! Might be able to patch that aspect.

Nice! Let me know if you do and I'll post about it on the socials. 

how do you start?

usually x or c (and don’t play on mobile!!)

ok, thanks.

what a nice game, and it's made in pico!!!

had a lot of fun playing it :)

lots of fun! :) thanks for that! only thing i found a bit tricky was getting the target lock for the missles. other than that :) brilliant

On the other hand, missiles never miss ;)

true when I did manage to fire one it hit every time :P just kept missing the beep lol its a fantastic fan treat throughout! I guess I just need to get better at it :)

That was a great game! and to think that it's made with pico, that's even more incredible... Seriously great job on this game

That was so much fun. Thanks Devs.



You need to ‘validate’ the checkpoint when arriving on the Deathstar - the mission is not to destroy turrets ;)

ah ic, but a damn good game though.

All the best bro