Suzie and Bob are trapped in a merciless world. Fight your way out!

How far can you go? Will you find all weapons? How many baddies can you handle?

Good luck!

Note: any resemblance with a famous Vlambeer game must be purely by sheer love for the work of these guys!

How to Play - Keyboard

  • arrow keys: move & gun direction
  • button 1: fire & lock direction
  • button 2: pick up weapon

How to Play - Mouse + Keyboard 

(switch at game start screen)
  • arrow keys: move
  • mouse: gun direction
  • left click: fire
  • right click: pick up weapon

Game Devlog

 Nuklear Klone @ PICO-8 BBS

Made withPICO-8
Tags2D, PICO-8, Pixel Art


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This is great! Can't get mouse controls to work though, doesn't seem to be any way to change them from keyboard on the menu.

I think the levels are a bit big cause finding the last enemy can be a bit of a chore sometimes, but it's really well done otherwise!

you can change input from the title page (using left/right)

This is an amazing game and I love it — the original and this! :) The controls were hard to figure out on my own and so were the mechanics, though, since I've never actually played the game myself.

Well done! I love this kind of demake (an actual game btw!)

This game is awesome, too bad that I suck.

This is excellent! I am rubbish at playing it, but excellent nevertheless.