Known bug: mouse drifts on Firefox - switch to full screen or Chrome to fix

Take the cursed dagger, use its power to dispatch the horrors from this hellish place, score the best time!

Note: this is not an official Devils Daggers port for PICO8 but a fan game using Sorath's game universe.

/!\ favor a non-incognito browser - the game needs browser storage at startup. /!\

How to play

Default controls: ESDF + mouse

Fire: left mouse button

Jump: space

Local stats icons:

  •  number of jewels collected
  • number of daggers fired
  •  hit ratio
  •  obituary message
  • session time

Configuration Settings

Go to Settings , adjust and accept to save your changes.

Online Leaderboard

Game uses Newgrounds leaderboard for competitive play.

Click on online - connect button on title screen to login (or create) with your NG account.

Online ladder can be disabled from settings menu.

Editor How to

Game ships with a built-in editor.

Design your own voxel enemies and share your creations on #demidaggers!

(see workaround below for middle click)

Editor 101

All commands have a tooltip, hover the mouse on the icon and a sliding text will appear:

  • left click: draw voxel
  • middle click (hold): rotate view
  • right click: pick color from cursor
  • green line: represents the drawing plane (switches dynamically)
  • mouse wheel: moves drawing plane back&forth (slices)

In case you want to revert to original models, hit P (for pause) and select reset all (needs confirmation):

Saving & Sharing

play command saves the models, generates images and goes back to title

copy copies the current model to the clipboard, easy to share a single model. Don't forget to post the corresponding gif!

Paste the text on the target model to use it.

export saves all models for sharing

When running standalone (binaries or PICO8 desktop), file is located under 
When running on web, use browser dev tools to extract the "freds72_daggers_asssets.p8l" file.

Drag&drop an export.p8l file over an open editor to replace your current voxel collection.


Sorath: original game!

Ridgek: (awesome) music & sound design

Artyom Brullov: additional gfx

Heraclum: title art

Werxyz, Miss Mouse: beta tester

Zep and the #pico8 discord folks!

Updated 5 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(21 total ratings)
Authorsfreds72, ridgek
Tags3D, FPS, PICO-8


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Insane how true this is to the original. Masterfully done, sir.


thanks - tried to be smart on what to cut down!


o.O I can't believe you made this for Pico - it's an amazing demake



Any chance we could get the pico-8 carts added to the downloads?


sure - will be there soon

note that game is already on Splore


This is a great game and have a lot of potential!

thanks - ironing out some gameplay aspects!


Nice work as always

thanks - takes a bit of time tho 😜


impressive conversion !

the linux version doesn't work for me :(

can you share the error message?


it's really well done, mindblowing. But really hard, like is there a strat or something ?


avoid running around - kill squids (skulls spawns points) as soon as possible - use the shotgun

(and I am not a pro-player by no means!)

thanks a lot


I love the concept of the game but I just suck at it ;-; 

latest 1.2 is a bit more forgiving - try again?


Way easier I had a lot of fun


this is amazing


Demi Daggers Gameplay

This is INCREDIBLY impressive, and as a big devil daggers fan this works surprisingly well!!! The fact you have voxel models and even an editor is just insane, I have no clue how you've done this on pico-8...

My 3 biggest gripes are the lack of strafing/bunnyhopping, the fact you have to double click to shotgun, and the lack of stereo audio making it hard to tell when thinsg are behind and such (but i'm sure most of  this is simply the fault of the pico-8)

Just a down right incredible de-make overall


3d sound: yeah, ridgek did some magic but pico8 is a mono-audio platform so 🤷‍♂️

double-click shotgun? how would you prefer that to work? it is dbl click in DD.

strafing does have some speed bonus but yeah, no combo with jump - improving jump is on the todo list, maybe can add some ‘pro move’ here!


In DD you just tap to shotgun, don't have to double click. If you hold down left-click you get stream, if you tap you get shotgun. Try it out!

(1 edit) (+1)

ah yes of course!

will fix that (actually much simpler!)

Yes, thank u!!

new version online with a (hopefully) better shotgun and jump (still no bunnyhop!)