Version 1.8

  • fixed: severe game slowdown using Pico 0.2.3 release (standalone version)
  • added: support for number keys to select weapons (1: shotgun / 2: machine gun / 3: missile launcher / 4: plasma gun / 5: fists)

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Sep 21, 2021


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heya man you know how to install and run poom with an doom engine? like prboom+, gzdoom, choc doom? etc.? because who cant afford pico8, run to yar original page. can you make an for-game-engine page? the doom game engines just was created to run doom. but they can just run the game when its an ".wad (dot-wad)" file.

for these engines: prboom+, GZDoom, or ChocolateDoom. you make if you want. its your choice. but if you get intrested on it name them as this:




signed: ThoughtCello878./Sniper_Gaming86.

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The data doesn't fit the Doom engine anymore. It's been compiled specific to Pico-8. And you can play it without buying Pico-8 by just downloading "" here for desktop, on the very same download page you are commenting on, or launching the web browser version in the Itch launcher or on your mobile phone.

There is no native mobile version of Pico-8.