Mars base, Union Aerospace Corporation experiments opened a portal to Hell. You appear to be the last human, fight your way out!

Beaming up the virtual feed from Mars takes about 20s, be patient while loading the battle simulator soldier.
If experiencing slowdowns, prefer desktop browser or beefy mobile.

How to Play

HTML player: click on game to enable mouse support

Recommended controls: ESDF + mouse (automatically selected if mouse detected from title menu)

Second best controls: control scheme 2 (from options menu)

mobile menu controls: use left paddle to navigate, use up/down from right paddle to cancel/selec

From title screen, go to controls menu to switch between control schemes:

If mouse is detected, ESDF + mouse control mode is selected


OST (@ParanoidCactus Youtube channel)

Release Notes

(moved to devlogs)

Version 1.6:

  • fixed: wobbly textures on some areas (thanks @farbs)

Version 1.5:

  • added: in-game keyboard controls options
  • added: in-game mouse sensitivity (options menu)
  • added: standalone zip (for arcade cabinets/devices)

Version 1.2:

  • Fixed: crash when pressing fire during load (thanks @Rhoq)
  • Changed: minor texture fixes

Version 1.1:

  • Changed: 🅾️=fire/ok ❎=open/cancel
  • Added linux + Mac OS X binaries (with mouse lock support)

Version 1.0:

  • HTML player with mouse lock support
  • Windows binaries with mouse lock support (new upcoming PICO8 feature)
Mac OS X + linux binaries + standalone versions will be provided later


Original levels + art + sfx by @gamecactus

Zep for PICO-8 and support (and sneaky versions!)

ID Software for producing such a timeless game

ZDoom Wiki for their fantastic compendium of everything DOOM

LZS compression by James Bowman (

Beta testing & gameplay feedback by Tom Hall & Jusiv  (& my kids!)

Updated 23 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Authorsfreds72, Paranoid Cactus
Made withPICO-8
Tags3D, FPS, PICO-8
LicenseMIT License
Asset licenseCreative Commons Attribution v4.0 International
Average sessionAbout an hour


Download NowName your own price

Click download now to get access to the following files: 958 kB 3 MB 1 MB 424 kB

Development log


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is this a speedrun for hangar on not too rough?:


also any chance i can get a pico8 download of this game?

It's quite impressive that this was made in Pico-8


Any chance of porting those maps to regular Doom?

Waaaaaw Amazing Port!! I love the movement of the player and is very great when you shoot enemies. 10/10

Deleted 11 days ago

suggest to post that on your own blog/page/... not sure to see the point of revealing that here

hey how do i switch guns? Yes im an idiot if youre wondering

nevermind i beat the game and you did a great job on the ending boss!

thanks - that’s ParanoidCactus work!

also (sugesstion) u should make the levels a doom wad so people can play it in gzdoom


This is amazing, but why not wasd? esdf is a tad bit weird, especially for modern day gamers. Still fricking sick. Great job!

thanks - underlying engine only supports esdf, as it works on all keyboards (contrary to wasd)

(1 edit)

Will you add Xbox controller support anytime soon?

Or is it already added

this request is surfacing quite often - I’ll see if I can do something 

Played on Rg351M using ArkOS just copied the standalone folder into Pico directory as a folder and in pico 8 I see the folder open it and open the first file the 0 one and it runs great. controls are set to forward back turn left right with analog or dpad and the face buttons do the open door and shoot mechanics so no dual stick action here but honestly still a blast to play and I know there are other ways to play doom on this device but hey I love this simplicity and its a ton of fun to play.

(1 edit) (+1)

How the heck do you change the controls? These controls are hard for me to get used to and I've been mashing every button on my keyboard to try and change it but all it did was take me back to the main menu!


did you read control sheet?

x: validate/fire

c: cancel/open door

esdf: move&strafe

+ mouse is supported even in menu


Sure I read the control sheet but it's weird as hell and almost impossible for me to get used to but I asked how to change these controls because they aren't comfortable to use and I'm not used to it at all.


what controls are you used to? esdf is just one key away from wasd and everything else can be done with the mouse.


I'm used to wasd with the ability to change weapons with number keys and the current way to switch weapons is annoying because you have to hit enter twice to pause the game and to switch weapons you have press a certain key.


use middle mouse button to summon weapon selection menu

how do i open the gat or door?

when you start

you need to find the *exit* (the start door is where you are coming from)

were the exit



I'm on mac and when I try to open it says poom can't br opened

Holy moly! I personally never played the original Doom (Well, I never even played ANY Doom game), but this is so cool how u managed to recreate a game in Pico-8! Awesome job!

you need to buy the original or doomguy comes to rip and tear your balls off

(1 edit)

thanks! it proves the game is more than a cheap copy ;)

Really loving this game! Will you redo the audio now secret Pico-8 PCM discovered? 

thanks - and nope, Poom is already maxing every single pico8 limits, no room for pcm sounds! 

aha of course! Would you have to lose a level, or is it not something that adding another cart or carts would help with?

certainly not trading playtime for mediocre pcm :]

Shut the front door!


Love this! This is super inspiring and shows just how much can be done with Pico-8

pls add a grenade and add a laser gun


I won’t but you can fully modify the game, see:

There is a discord for support, good luck!


Why would they if this is OG Doom style?

(1 edit)

I love it

it has so much potential and its perfect its just that you dont get health from kills but its awesome


Did you do the glitch where the chaingun's pickup sprite turned into the chaingun's handheld sprite, and firing the currently-selected weapon also fired the chaingun at the same time?



(1 edit)

i now have a addiction to this game

i found the minigun secret yay



Do you mean chaingun?

yes whoops

Poom = Skill. Skill to make the game, and skill to not die 20 times in a row in anything above "Hey, not too rough!". Okay fine, I might be a normie and never fully played the original Doom but still...

keep moving! that was the secret in Doom, this is true for Poom :]



An impressive technical achievement, but neither the low resolution nor the changes in control scheme really do it any favors.

low resolution and limited engines makes the project realistic for part time development.

not sure to get control scheme remark?


What I'm getting at is that I find the original Doom is more pleasant to play than your port, both in terms of the controls and in terms of being able to actually see what's going on at a distance of more than a few meters.  Using the mouse in a classic/retro shooter just feels unpleasantly "modern".  And since I've already got the original Doom, I'd rather play that.


then why are u still commenting on this game


just go back and play doom bruh

Trying to switch the controls in the main menu using the pause menu doesn't work for me. I don't have an option for that.

Also, I'm trying to use a Dual Shock 4 controller (I have steam telling the game it's an Xbox controller) and it treats it as a single stick controller.

This is good other than that!

good point - control menu is from title screen now (need to update doc!).

As for dual stick, sorry the game doesn’t support the control scheme (it is either single stick+buttons or keyboard+mouse)

Understood! You may want to update the controls graphic on this page to remove the dual stick controls in that case though.

dual input keys is in - it is more dual gamepad that’s missing, may look into that.

So awesome!!! more games like this!!

I'm on a mac. When I open it, it just comes with an error saying: The application “poom_1.7” can’t be opened.

could have made it more man


this is very pog

this is really impressive and really good

(2 edits)

*EDIT* Nevermind! I needed to update to Pico8 V0.2.2. Now works great, thanks!

Hi. I've just tried the .p8 files from the standalone version on my pi pico8 set up but after selecting the Poom-0 file via Splore it looks like it loads then the screen goes off. Any ideas? Am I missing something?

Do You have an APK file for Android users ?

no - pick html version

Hit with a massive wave of nostalgia seeing my dad play the Acorn version in front of my bewildered 8 year old eyes. Technically astounding, energy and atmosphere captured perfectly, and yes the PICO res compared to DOS throws my brain for a loop, but I can't help but be enamored by how impressive this is.

Thanks - glad you see the game true to its model!


I played on NG, for now this is my favorite 3D game made in engines like PICO-8

thanks - Newgrounds version has leaderboard, good for speedrunning or just the additional challenge!


Aside from being a very technically impressive port, it's actually very fun to play, looks beautiful with the Pico-8 palette to me feels hard to believe that this game is only showing 16 colors. My only complain is that I got some motion sickness I had to take some pauses, but that might be only myself lmao.

thanks! Sorry for motion sickness, that’s fairly common to the fps genre!

(if you play on mobile, try a desktop pc - some mobile struggle a bit performance wise)

Hi, the MacOS version doesn't run on Mojave as of 10th Feb 2021; thankfully I do have my own copy of PICO-8, but I'm not exactly good at using it myself haha!! Looking forward to playing it, though.

A new version of pico8 is around the corner, may solve that.

Awesome, thank you!!

(1 edit)

Amazing Demake! But corners are weird in the sense that you can see through 90° corners if you are positioned correctly, I just realised that its a trade off because of the limited power of the PICO 8. Also I love how powerful the fists are, reminds me of how powerful the knives are in Serious Sam Games. 

First off, this is an actually INCREDIBLE showing. Thanks to Pico Fox, I knew 3D could work, but this is on another level. It looks good, feels good, is good. And the soundtrack too, masterfully capturing the thrash metal soundtrack in 8-bit form. It even has multiple levels of difficulty! Easily one of the most interesting ports of Doom I've seen a good while, and an awesome Pico game. Easy 10/10


Thanks - teamwork can do wonders 😬

Where to start? This was my first Pico-8 game I have ever played and after this my bar is set REALLY high.

The team did an amazing job, The graphics are amazing for the limitations of the pico-8, soundtrack although short, only 3 songs, stays true to the original 93 Doom ost, wich is amazing as well. The gameplay is fluid, well built and the levels are deep and interesting to explore, the secrets are fun to search and find as well. You have 5 levels and 4 degrees of difficulty like the original doom as well.

Yeah, it's short, but it's a good hour or two you spent in Poom. Did I think I was playing doom? Yes, but the best thing I can say about this game is, I want to play more Poom as much as I want to play Doom!

Congratulations to the team for the amazing effort and powerful result! Will keep an eye on the other releases for sure!

Thanks! Tiago


My god this is amazing, I literally haven't come across anything better on the whole of!

All using 64-bit textures? this is graphical astonishment!

thanks but this is using 4-bits textures, eg max of 16 colors.

And that’s the excellent job of @ParanoidCactus!

so sorry, i don't know why i said 64-bit textures :p that's even more impressive!! 

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