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AMAZING game I love it, it stays true to the original yet staying slightly deferent feel to it makes for a whole new experience

Wow, love this game, even this game could played on mobile device to

im playing on my usb snes controller and im still having fun

10/10 also the name is kinda funny (:


Incredible, Its really fun and the graphics are amazing. Its really impressive yall fit this much into a pico8 cart!!


Awesome. It's amazing seeing a fangame like this, based on OG Doom, runs so amazing on a software which simulates 80's hardware limitations. You guys are geniuses!! 

Amazing, very good job 😍

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wow really cool! i tried playing on my ps3 controller, worked, and it was so cool!, i little hard to control though. edit: ive been playing so much it is so fun

this game is op its just like doom an dits epc

Ok, this was really cool. Though I have to admit, I was aching for a chaingun after a while.

you can switch weapons (middle mouse or P).

You mean no more ammo?

Hi, I figured out how to change weapons but... there doesn't seem to be any other weapons.

later in the game - and you start with fists + shotgun


This is pure wizardry! Awesome in each and every little detail. Great performance you squeezed out of Pico-8 there!


a new landmark in Pico8 and Doom history. The limited color palette gives it so much personality


Amazing work!!! Really loved playing this. I was impressed with how many features you managed to put in there! And also how you managed to communicate core gameplay features (like keycards) with the limited pixel count. Job well done.


thanks - that’s the interesting part when working on a limited platform (pico8), each feature is manually picked up.


DOOM runs on everything.

Amazing work!

Every Doomer should paly this NOW!


masterpiece. so much detail packed in! world lighting up when you fire, flowing lava, barrels that launch other barrels, even boxes are pretty! love all the vertically in the environment!


thanks - good catch on the little details ;)

nice game but weird controls

Haven't managed to finish it yet but it was really fun! GJ nailing it!

GJ. I had a lot of fun playing Poom. Very close to the DOS feeling. Also it's Incredible what pico8 is capable of.

At the lava-cliffs I wished I could look down. Also a map would be nice.

How on earth? I'd love to read a technical write-up on how you stored the level data.

The best game on so far. :3c


Really good game, though i think the turn speed is to high

Amazing work!  Strafing seems too slow to me though.  


Very good game! Needs to be more intuitive though.


one question - how do you attack, switch weapons or activate stuff with keyboard? nothing seems to work


space or 'x'= use/open

mouse button to fire

middle mouse button to open weapon wheel (or pause)

ok I thought there is a preset where I can use keyboard only. It's much more smooth this way while turning and strafing in the same time as opposed using the mouse

keyboard only is supported - on title menu use ‘control scheme 2’ from pause menu (P)

ah ok now it works, thanks

Movement, level design... This is as awesome as Doom was in 1993 when I downloaded the first version from some BBS at 14400 bps. How did you pull this off in PICO-8!

I just wanted to say that you both did incrediable work here. The artwork and engine are on point. Me and my son are both very impressed. 

You should be extremely proud of this. A testament to what can be achieved with simple tools, creativity, and a bit of time. :)

That was absolutely amazing :o



You know, hell theme, so we got some offers we could not refuse :]

I refuse to believe you wrote this using pico8 :)

Absolutely amazing work. Been incredible watching this unfold over the last year.


You ripped and tore Pico8 apart to make an excellent game! It's amazing how smooth the gameplay is, how good the graphics. I was surprised by how much it packs.

Endgame Pico-8 material here.

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The game is really good! But it should be noted that the author of the game took the already popular and favorite game DOOM and changed some details (I understand that the game was made from scratch and it was difficult to implement in PICO-8, but the game has not changed ideologically). The project can be perceived as an experiment or a high indicator of the author's skills, but not as a new and completed work. But I really liked the performance of the game. 

Incredible work!


Thanks and very true - this is not an original piece but a demake, eg taking the core elements onto a new medium.

This feels impossible. Like, we're seeing top pico-8 right now. Amazing. You're great!

Really impressive work!

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OMG, you guys - this is RIDICULOUSLY good! 🤯

It's SO polished and perfectly encapsulates the feeling of playing the original for the first time (I'd even go as far as to say the GFX feel "improved" too! 🤩)

The framerate is great, controls respond well and just the right level of difficulty too - I'm having such a blast playing it.

Many congratulations on creating - quite possibly - the best PICO-8 game to date! 🙌

Much appreciated! The engine focuses on the core Doom loop and ParanoidCactus art did the rest!


You both did an incredible work. It's even more impressive when you know the technical limitations of PICO-8. The feel is really close to the the original. Oh boy I'll be spending time on this one. Instant classic



holy cow


actually there is no secret cow room in this game :_]



Amazing! Really nice work


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