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very cool

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if they do a fnaf poom mod i will explode /j

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In 1996 i killed two people

litterly 1994


I have to comment something funny, Uhhhmm... uuhhhhh... UHh, Pee pee poo poo.

pee pee poo poo

Super travail, j'adore :)


I don't know if this is possible, but is there anywhere I could get a HTML5 download for this?

Is this compatible with controller?

nope unfortunately

Hii, I've made a video about the game and wanted to share some feedback about it ^^, hopefuly it is useful to you :D

-The main elements of doom are quite well preserved here, awesome job.

-Visually the game manages to be pretty readable while moving and overall I'll say that I've seen some tricks with illumination that considering the engine you are using are pretty unique and interesting ^^

-Controls could be a little bit more polished since making small adjustments while aiming was quite hard.

In conclusion, the execution is great and I hope you keep working on more PICO versions of different games ^^. Hopefully this is useful to you :D, also if you could subscribe that would help me a lot :)


thanks for the video/review!

you are welcome ^^

The game was cool ngl

this was a really great boss fight at the end

2nd part 
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 loved this time to play the original doom now keep up the great


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Congrats on the great work with this entry!!! I loved it!!

Great Job

yo man i know there was a lot of effort put into this game but is there any chance that you ( and Paranoid Cactus) will make poom 2?

woah my best speed run ( no kills)

love it!

DOOM on Steam

Can you make android version 

no - the underlying framework doesn’t support Android

Sad :(


Been trying to beat the whole game on Ultra-Violence and got to level 5 and got this thing. What is it?


a bug…

can you roughly indicate where you are in the level?


Level 5 by the blue keycard, also i beat the rest of the game on Ultra-Violence. Thank you for making a new entry to my favorite franchise. 

Hi, do you know how could I run Poom on my rg350 pico-8 emulator? If you can help me, I will do a promotional video and upload to my youtube channel. I love doom and pixel art, so your game is very nice for me!

I don’t own such device - if running rhe Tac80 emulator, suggest to contact the author directly.


What are the system requirements for poom? Does it really run on 64k of ram and sn 8!bit processor?

no - this game runs within a virtual machine (pico8) with the following constraints:

  • 8mhz cpu
  • 128x128/16 colors display
  • 32bits numbers
  • 2mb of ram
  • max 8192 symbols for code/64k text file

so far more powerful than a NES but certainly far less powerful than a 1993 PC!

So POOM would technically work on a 286 with 2 megs of ram. Would it need any special hardware for 3D graphics like the super fx chip?

comparison doesn’t really make sense - Poom runs on top of Lua, a very high level language, that would crawl on a 286 (if working at all).

see Doom machine specs to find the lowest cpu it ran on.

The original doom ran on a 386. 

So I would imagine that POOM would run on a 286. 

The specs for Poom would be even less, if it took note of a 3d card or superfx chip

I think you're misunderstanding fredz72, so I'll try to clear things up.

POOM is a game for the PICO-8, which is a fantasy console (really a virtual machine and game engine) with certain restrictions in place so as to present itself as a classic 8-bit console like the NES. Those restrictions are arbitrary but hard-coded into the PICO-8 framework and unavoidable for any PICO-8 games as a result.

Ironically, the stated minimum requirement for running PICO-8 (and therefore POOM, albeit POOM is likely more demanding than most PICO-8 games) is a 700MHz processor.


A "Continue" button was neat, but scaling down to a NES 8-bit remake (Excute me a Demake) was kinda lame, just play the SNES Port or maybe download it for retroarch or raspberry pi, looks like some gameboy color game or gamegear game.  Though playing this on a browser is good but not revolutionary.


Look it's one thing to not understand the technical achievement this is, but to arrogantly call it "lame"... I can safely assume you have not achieved anything remotely as impressive in your life.


The game runs on a "fantasy console" called PICO-8. It's a game engine with harsh limitations like a 128x128 resolution, 16 colors, and 64 KiB of RAM. Why does that exist? For fun. A game like this running on something that limited is pretty impressive to me.

Absolutely no understanding of the amazing effort this took to create in Pico8 limitations! Play this on my Miyoo Mini all the time and would love to see a POOM 2 *hint hint*

I don't think you understand how impressive of a feat it is to make this within the constraints of Pico-8.

Not bad.

truly anything can run doom

controls not very good but game is nice


we don't have many options in pico 8 lol



bro dident this game only make like 700$ i herd that in a youtube vid

bro can you spell


ok...why..., "dident" mzybe was a typo.

no im just dumb (im 11)lol

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"add a continue and menu plz" -whalter whitejr

Hello, producer. When will you release the next 1.9 standalone version? I hope you can release it soon. Because we like your game! I'm waiting for your reply. Have a nice day~  :)

Hi producer. When will you release the next standalone version? I hope you can add more features in the next release. Such as: add more kinds of guns, etc. :)  Also i found in the game, when i had half healthy and i saved the game, i quit the game and enter the game and load the saved game, but the healty is full, can you fix this, ok? Because i think continue with the saved status is more interesting. :)  Well, i'm waiting for your reply. :)

a ‘continue’ option could be interesting.

not promising anything but a good idea.

I love how well this works with the limitations of Pico-8 but still resembles the original game very closely. Great job!


haha it has poo in it heehee



Wow... I came in expecting just, Doom but run in Pico8. Like how people will run Doom on a calculator or a microwave or whatever. But this wasn't just good as a mere "demake", it is fantastic in its own right. Great level design, great job rebalancing the weapons and enemies to fit this better than something more completely accurate to the source, nice job making the Cacodemons into a legitimate much greater threat than in the original (to think, all they really needed were faster projectiles) which fits their role here as the elite enemies, and wow that Cyberdemon fight made the original Cyber Demon Lord of Deimos look like an incompetent pushover.

thanks - the intention was indeed to capture the feeling as we couldn’t do a 100% accurate port.


pee pee poo poo


he he u funny :)

How did you compile the exe in pico 8

See "export" in pico8 manual.


didn't know I liked doom until now, thank you :)

and also, an absolutely amazing job!!!! 


thanks - not the first user that discovers Doom and its simplicity via our demake!


The maker/s of this are legends, I have seen quite a few 3D type games done for pico-8 and some nice 'engines' for them (I have also failed at using them as I'm new to Pico lol), but this is epic. 

To unwind I still always find myself plying doom (1993) or the modded versions even when there's more modern and graphically stunning games out there.. the simple style is just fun/enjoyable even to this day and 'Doomero Inc' and other modders still put-out quality content. 

thanks (and maker*s*, team of 2)

the goal was indeed to stay close to the original.

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Well done Matt!

How do you export multiple .p8 files as an executable or a .HTML file?

see ‘export’ command in pico8 manual.

 This game actually interest me of DOOM (But I get lost for many times.QAQ)

draw a map ;)

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