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Really cool game, I especially like that your rewarded points for going backwards. it makes it feel like your getting points for thinking outside the box.

try some more :]

what a cool concept, I really enjoyed it. 

This was lots of fun, Thank you :)




Winter is coming

only in the northern hemisphere but ok


well, yeah, geographic bias :/


I'm digging the music!


Made a video


Nice watch! make sure to try out the new version with more rewards for dangerous skiing ;)

Love the art style of this game! Had fun playing it.

This is a really fun game, i'd love to see what else you could make with the 3d terrain generation. maybe a flight sim?

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Thanks! Not so complex terrain wise - but you can play Tiny Sim, the most advanced flight sim on pico!

Looks great! Needs mobile support. 

you mean without the d-pad on screen?

No, just make it so it supports mobile. Or remove the d pad and replace it with a joystick and button.


I don't know how you guys pull this kind of stuff off, it's awesome though


Great Game !! Thanks


It look good 


Definitely your most fun game so far.


I was thinking, sure, I'll try this out. Didn't look too interesting in a technical sense.

Then I saw the PICO-8 startup and was blown away by the fact this game can fit within a png. Absolutely crazy, awesome work. Keep it up!


Thanks - behond the png gimmick, it means that everything is done by my code (or functions shared by the community), like 3d rasterization!


was it hard to code?

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No but only thanks to the previous games I made - it took something like 2 months to do (my shortest dev time!).

See the BBS link for some screens of the work in progress.

Actually the most difficult part was to make it fun and interesting to play.


Very nice! Plays well and is very impressive from a technical standpoint.


Good game guy but how are you make the pixel 3D system?


Have look at PICO-8:
The game is developped on this platform, with a bit of math and ability to draw pixels, you can do that :)