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this game is cool, but sometimes hard to control on keyboard. Fun game!

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Sadly this seems to no longer work in the latest version of pico-8 (0.2.2). It crashes when starting a race.

on what platform? Tested when 0.2.2 came out and got no crash on Windows.

Win10, running on a Win GPD 1:

I also tested on my normal PC (also Win10) and it works fine.


Ok so crash is limited to your Win GPD 1 - is the carts folder correctly set?

Load title cart, type: ls - it should list all other virtua racing carts. If not, it means your pico8 config.txt is not pointing at the right location.

Thanks, setting root_path in config.txt fixed the issue.



hi. the game looks cool but the o button doesn't work for me and I can't accelerate. pls fix

It is not the o button it looks like it but it is either z or c

This is outstanding! I cannot believe my favorite game has been recreated in such detail, on... PICO-8, of all things. Mind is blown.

I have but one question however. You say that you got all the models from the Mega Drive version of the game... could you shoot me any tools or tips that could help me do the same? I want to use them for animations, not my own games, but I have no clue where to start.

You also mentioned Blender, which I do have. (Tools that work with Linux are sparse. Tools made for Linux are even more sparse.)

I hope I'm not wasting any of your time in asking this.


Amazing piece of work, but I don't understand how we're meant to actually play the Raspberry Pi version if it can't be put on a cart...


on a device, you need to download the binaries (or the standalone zip).

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I've done that with the standalone version, and I can get Big Forest to play by running vracing_main.p8, but vracing_title.p8 crashes just after you select a track :(  (Raspberry Pi 3b running Emulation Station.)

The version just doesn't work at all.

what is your pico8 version?

The latest one, 0.2.1b.

can you post a screenshot of the crash?

You're the best game dev out there man. I love all your games!

I am not the best but thanks anyway!

Great job, hows dev going?

This is the most impressive thing I've ever seen done in Pico-8, really amazing and I would never have expected this level of 3D rendering to have even been possible with it. I think if the steering can be tightened up a bit that would make it better, but regardless of that this is truly stunning. I'd love to see similar low-poly rendered Pico-8 versions of Daytona USA and Sega Rally too! 

The rendering engine here is really cool. I love that old school pattern dithered look to the polygons. Though I have to say the controls do leave something to be desired. I don't know if the game was assisting or something but I don't remember the original being that hard to stay on the road.

Also, I couldn't find a way to make it full screen like some of other pico games. Overall, a fun distraction.


I have a pending update for the game that will make driving less slippery - stay tuned!



An awesome demake! I would have made a physical cartridge with an SD card and buildroot if I had a raspberry Pi! 😢 Still good game at this day i got the switch version

But I can't resist pico-8 games


The low graphics and colour choices hurt my eyes. I also wasn't a fan of the sounds.


The pico8 resolution is 128x128 - this is one of the constraint of the platform!


Qlso make a controller friendly version


dont forget the starting music too


This is so adorable! I love the original game and seeing it on PICO-8 makes me super happy :)


Very impressive ! Congrats ! Too bad I'm not skill enough to complete the track. Is the game manage collision between cars ?


Yes - npc can push you


Holy s**t dude, all your 3D pico8 games are awe-inspiring.

I would like to download the previous version

what for?

you can get it from github:


very impressive graphics and coding. an excellent demonstration of what the pico-8 can achieve. while playing, i think i said, "if pico-8 had an e3 presentation, this game should be in it" and i stick by it. awesome work!

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Thanks! Lengthy gameplay video! Though looks like you played the old version (eg only 2 tracks and no npc).

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steering doesnt feel as good as the original what i mean is that i dont feel like im turning


what about cartridge version?


Game is too large - cannot be done


How can I download the game in png format for Pico-8?


That’s not possible for multi-cart games.


So a Pico-8 format won't ever exist?


The game *is* running on pico8 engine but cannot exported as a png (too much data).

You can get binaries or html version.


Ok thank you. It sounded strange to me since it was actually loading through Pico-8... so that's a limit of p8.png format.


i think you can still give us .p8 am i right

Amazing work! I love seeing Virtua Racing in this format!

Thanks - the tracks are just too good, whatever format!

They are, I'm a big fan of most of the Sega arcade games, and VR always felt like the most pure arcade experience in my book.

Insanely awesome, nice work!


Curious demake, but with graphic glitches.

It is possible make Virtua Fighter for Pico-8?


Sure - you need a pico licence ($15) and some coding skills.


That isn't what I was referring to, and that question wasn't because I wanted to have Pico-8.