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Hi, How can i contact you

hi - what for?

to hack you :o

My Review.

FANTASTIC rendition of Doom on the PICO platform. This felt like what Doom would be if made for the platform, which is awesome, and also more than what could have been said for the 32x port. The visual style really reminds me of the wizardry involved in making the SNES port.

+Style of the game is true to the source and reference material, from sounds and art to weapons and enemies. Everything involved is made for the PICO, so all of the material is very low rez in nature.

+Short, completed it in 2 sessions within an hour.

-Progression of difficulty and resource management increases quite a bit in the last 3 levels. New weapons and almost all of the buildup of supply for the final boss is in the last level.

~Compared to the source (which isn't fair TBH) there is quite a few missing features. Things like vertical aiming, jumping, and powerups are all not here. This is a PICO game, and is amazing to see in the first place though. This isn't a negative point IMO, but worth mentioning.

5/5 Good game, must play if you are a PICO and Doom fan.


many thanks for that review!

Paranoidcactus art and game design does shine in this game.

And yes, many features had to be culled to fit pico8 constraints, but looks like we picked right!

Absolutely. I'm following you guys on YouTube as well as her.

juega so :o


Fantastic recreation of Doom for the PICO platform. Played to the end in roughly an hour, and enjoyed it the entire time. If you have any way to accept a tip, please let me know and ill send you a couple bucks USD. :)


thanks! you can ‘buy’ the game via the itch page. Donations are in unit of $10k 😜

lol 10k

I am unable to use the download now portion of the donation tab due to this error 

{"errors":["price must be provided"]}

did you specify an amount?

can be 0 to whatever millions you can spare

Yes, I have tried to specify an amount lol

I'll just follow you around, and if you make a game I'm interested in I'll be a customer :) I really enjoyed POOM. If you ever crowdfund something, let me know and the donation meant to be from this will be sent along there :)

I'm getting that same error on's checkout.  It defaults to 2.00 and errors on that.  If I edit it and put in something else or re-type 2.00, same error.  Firefox.


Yeah, dooms runs on literally EVERYTHING

man what the hell? he is very hot! Hopefully and you will release an Android version.! It plays very well from the browser on Android!

The pinnacle of technology 







Running Poom via PICO-8 linux x64 splore (full game not the demo) on Steam Deck (which has built-in dual sticks). Game doesn't seem to behave like it knows two sticks exist. 

Control options shown in-game are ESDF+arrows or ESDF+left/right. 

Unless I customize the controls in Steam Deck, out of the box, the right stick doesn't respond at all in game.

I'd like to figure out the optimal mappings to play as intended. 

Any tips/tricks/recommendations?

im stuck on the second level, help me pls

ive tried the door when i killed all the enimies but it still says 'locked'

nvm lol


I'm getting some mouse drift. My cursor/crosshair is constantly going to the right. Changing the sensitivity just changes the speed of the drift.

PS this is awesome


web version or desktop?


Web version

Same as above. Using Firefox, if that helps.

This is great! I personally was never interested in the old school doom games, I started playing brutal doom for my first game, but after playing this it hit me. It feels so satisfying to play. Great job!

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the gameplay still works even after all these years.


Finally, I beat ultra-violence mode. Thank you for making this 

full game on UV? well done!

thanks 🙏 

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The standalone version download is at 1.8 even when the other downloads are at 1.9.


correct - need to publish that last package!


Hey i loved the game but one question is the shotgun the only gun cuz i got through like three levels without seeing a new gun


search harder…


Ok thank you i was convused because the levels are different than the original


i love so much about this
you have a knack for level design and pacing

i would love to know where the desire to make esdf your movement came from



Correction: level design (and pixels and sound) are from mighty ParanoidCactus (I only did the code :)

The underlying engine (Pico8) doesn't support arbitrary keys + ZQSD doesn't work on non-US keyboard (I am french).

Are the soldiers tougher than the ones in vanilla Doom?

zombieman? same 20 hp as vanilla

you can see all stats here:

They felt spongier and harder to kill. Perhaps it was me not used to keyboard controls on Doom.

fyi - the game has mouse support!

second. the shotgun is less powerful, that might explain your impression.

I really love the adjustments made to the formula here. Using Quake rules for hitscans makes the game feel much faster an frenetic, while the faster switch speeds encourage a more flexible use of them.

>The Shotgun being a starter instead of Pistol is great for fluidity. I wasn't a big fan of the spread at first, but once I noticed that even a little strafing avoids hitscans completely, I had no problem getting up in their face.

(Still kinda wish it had one accurate pellet at least)

>The Chaingun feels so much chunkier in this game. I always felt it was kinda weedy in vanilla. And it's an excellent compliment to the Shotgun's inaccuracy at the cost of some mobility.

>Making the Plasma Rifle slower while maintaining its superior dps leaves the right kind of openings and I rather enjoy that.

>Rockets honestly were kinda underwhelming. Didn't kill like you'd expect em to. Maybe if they got their damage and maybe splash radius upped at the cost of fire rate, they could find a stronger niche, but it's level 5 by the time they become relevant and everything else felt so great that I can't really say I was disappointed.

Most of all, I like how the changes made were subtle enough that someone not thoroughly familiar with Doom's balancing would likely miss them. I wouldn't mind seeing something more drastic, but that attention to detail in not overstepping the source material is an exceptional touch.

Love this, would love to see more. I wouldn't mind seeing an enemy and weapon rebalance in GZDoom that takes after this. I'd probably use it all the time.

thanks for that extensive  review and kind words - we indeed tried to capture the doom feeling, tuned to the smaller platform.

and def agree that rockets are not good.

as for a sequel, I’d need to find an artist willing to work with the harsh limits of that engine!

Doom on Pico-8? Smaller screen, but not less fun. At least it has better graphics than SNES.

I remember that i played this somewhere 2019-2020 IDK

game was released in Dec, 2020.

Ok so i guess i played it in 2020

This is not only great in context of Pico, but as a standalone game. If released on any console before late 1995, this would have been hit. It beats all Amiga Doom clones for example.

I feel like there are some balancing mishaps though. Shotgun is too inaccurate/underpowered, shotgunner does too little damage. Balancing those together (Shotgun kills shotgunner with one non point blank shot, shotgunner causes more damage to player if it manages to shoot) would make early levels play much faster and be more fun. Also rocket launcher is next to useless. I don't think it kills even imp with one direct hit, better just shoot it with any of automatic guns.

Level design is sometimes overtly complex, more of Wolf 3D mazes than Doom. Levels get better though when you get to hell. Never been fan of tech-bases in general.


thanks (and tbh, that game wouldn't have any hardware to run on before 1995!).

shotgun balance is a valid point - upping soldier damage may be a way to counter balance, may try things out.

ParanoidCactus and me do like when you need to think your way out, build a mental map - unlikely to change at this point :)

what if instead, the first gun had the same stats but was a poorly sawn sawed-off shotgun and the second weapon was a more appropriately accurate shotgun that could kill those enemies at a further distance?

(1 edit)

there is no way we can add another weapon (with different visuals)

however the idea of having more dangerous grunts with less hp is certainly a good idea

 amazing game i have been playing it for days only downside is when going threw door ways you can see threw walls but other than that its a amazing game 

Hello! I love this game!

I need some help though: the Linux version isn't running (with permissions set for executing as a program), and I'm not sure how to set up the standalone on Ubuntu - trying to put in the path gives a syntax error.

there is no need to put anything in path, run the game from command line:

cd <poom folder>
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Sorry, I hope my inexperience brings a little humour to someone's day. :)

you are mixing up packages!

if you want to run poom from pico8, download the standalone version.

What you’ve got is a binary package that you can run directly from your Linux shell.

(1 edit)

Don't lose too much hair over me, haha! :D I've got the standalone, but it does the same thing - that is to say, I don't know what to type in and do for Ubuntu for doing this:

mkdir poom 
<path to pico>\pico.exe -home . 
cd poom\carts 
REM change xx to actual version number 

When I right-click the "poom_1.9" file in the "poom_1.9_linux" folder, and select "Run", it doesn't do anything. When I do ./poom_1.9 in the command line it gives the error: "error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory"

you need to install SDL to use the "binary" version:

sudo apt-get install libsdl2-2.0-0

think i found a glitch


can you elaborate? not obvious with screenshot.


I'm on a bit of a elevated platform where I can hit the boss but he cant hit m


its the platform you first jump down on before going down for the fight he spawns while your up there and you can beat it without being hit


ok - reproduced the bug, will see if can be fixed.

Thanks for the report.

Great interpretation, included some levels in this vid.

this is pretty cool


So Tom Hall worked with you on this?  As in, Doom and Commander Keen, Tom Hall?


yes - he is quite active on the pico8 community and helped during the beta testing.

very cool

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if they do a fnaf poom mod i will explode /j

(1 edit) (+5)

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Deleted 1 year ago

Super travail, j'adore :)



Le meilleur jeu de Pico 8 auquel j'ai jamais joué.


cela va sans dire 😜

super projet avec un super artiste et c’est cool de voir que ça plait.

I don't know if this is possible, but is there anywhere I could get a HTML5 download for this?

Is this compatible with controller?

nope unfortunately


Hii, I've made a video about the game and wanted to share some feedback about it ^^, hopefuly it is useful to you :D

-The main elements of doom are quite well preserved here, awesome job.

-Visually the game manages to be pretty readable while moving and overall I'll say that I've seen some tricks with illumination that considering the engine you are using are pretty unique and interesting ^^

-Controls could be a little bit more polished since making small adjustments while aiming was quite hard.

In conclusion, the execution is great and I hope you keep working on more PICO versions of different games ^^. Hopefully this is useful to you :D, also if you could subscribe that would help me a lot :)



thanks for the video/review!


you are welcome ^^

this was a really great boss fight at the end

2nd part 
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